At the Olympic Stadium in Seville there is an intense real estate activity in parallel with the profitability of its almost 25,000 m2, capable of commercial exploitation, articulated through two large differentiated areas, sports and business.

The first of these, brings together the Seville and Andalusian public sports administration with the Public Enterprise for the Management of Tourism and Sports of Andalusia of the Junta de Andalucía, the Municipal Institute of Sports of the City of Seville and the Olympic Stadium of Seville, SA , the Andalusian Olympic Foundation has its offices in the eastern area of ​​the Stadium and different Andalusian Sports Federations based in Seville are located in the existing gallery in the south.

The second of these areas is oriented towards business (private and public) and occupies the three remaining buildings, the north, east and west galleries, as well as local in the east. In this way, a four star hotel (Hotel “Cartuja Island”) serves in the southwest building, the company Sadiel in the northwest building, a Hemodialysis center (DIAVERUM ESPAÑA, SL) and the Andalusian Institute of Arts and the Letters of the Ministry of Culture of the Junta de Andalucía in the northeast building and north gallery; Hummel Sport Spain in the east; the Vocento Group (Sevilla Televisión and Punto Radio) and the Café-Restaurant “De Pablo – Estadio Olímpico” in the west.

With all this, Seville’s Olympic Stadium constitutes an important business and sports focus in a symbolic enclave of the city; at the same time as it consolidates a source of economic resources derived from the rental of its real estate and, at the same time, contributes to the revitalization of the northern area of ​​La Cartuja with business activities. Of 25.000 m2 able to rent, at present 18.000 m2 are rented and 6,000 m2 in negotiation process.

Estadio Olímpico de Sevilla, SA through the agreement signed in time with the company Inmobiliaria Dos Mares, continues to work on the commercialization of about 6,000 m2 (available space) of the referred spaces will meet a growing demand in Seville of premises for business activities offering from small office modules to large spaces close to 1,000 square meters, in order to cover the widest possible range of initiatives around the stadium.

To this day, we can confirm that 75% of the available real estate space is in operation, with the certain perspective of obtaining, in the medium term, 100%. To this is also added the value, in a short space of time, of the southern plot with 20.000m2 of land, and with a potential of use on which is working at a technical level to definitively determine the conditions and terms in which will be developed this action.