The Olympic Stadium in Seville is a space that allows Seville to be a regular stage of the most outstanding sporting events for which an installation of its characteristics is required.

The extraordinary functionality and versatility of the Seville Olympic Stadium has made it possible to host such significant sporting events as the VIII Seville World Championships in Athletics, the final of the UEFA Cup 2003, the World Supercross World Championship in Seville 2003, the final of the Davis Cup 2004, two finals of the Spanish Football Championship SM Copa El Rey and various matches of the National Soccer Team.

In addition to the practice of elite sport,the Olympic Stadium in Seville is consolidating its most social aspect of promoting the practice of basic and amateur sport . Since always we have decided to open the doors of our facilities to all those who enjoy sports and, along with the highest level of sporting events, our facility has been and is the usual setting for all kinds of amateur sports events such as , the Half Marathon Isla de la Cartuja, the Marathon City of Seville, the Coca-Cola Cup, the Football Trophy 7 Provincial Council of Seville, along with other activities held in its day as the Nike Premier Cup or the Danone Cup reflect the vocation of the Olympic Stadium of Seville to combine base sport and high level sport in its facilities.